Cycling competition

Cycling competition

Competition package

monthly training program

The competition package is suitable for cyclists who want to get more out of their training. If you want to ride a cyclo, perform in a criterium, or if you want to get in shape for the weekly tour with your cycling friends, a personal training program can help you with that.

Based on an annual plan a training program is designed that matches your fitness level, is tailored to your cycling goals, and fits around your busy schedule. By analysing your training data, the training program can be adjusted.

Monthly custom training plan cycling

Training plan Alan Smeets Training

Every month you will get a training plan that is specifically designed for you and your target goal, and fits around your busy schedule. Even with limited training time a training plan can help you to improve your performance. Together we will decide how your available training time can be used to achieve the best training results.

Personal annual plan

Annual plan Alan Smeets Training

The annual plan forms the base of the training plan. It is a plan that shows how we work towards your goals through different training periods. In each period, we look at which training forms are most suitable for you to achieve your objectives.

Train with heart rate or with power

Heart rate or power Alan Smeets Training

The training plan is based on heart rate zones or power zones. When you have a power meter this can be a combination of both. Various physiological processes can be improved by training in a specific training zone. A power meter is not necessary but can help you to train more specifically.

Monthly analysis of your training data

Analysis Alan Smeets Training

Your training data is analysed monthly. Key workouts are analysed to make sure you trained at the right intensity. Other parameters can also be considered. Based on this data, your training plan, and when necessary, your training zones can be adjusted.

Premium account TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks Alan Smeets Training

A premium account of TrainingPeaks is optional and costs £8,91 per month. TrainingPeaks is an online training platform that makes it possible to share your training data with a coach. The premium version also contains several analysis tools that make it easier for you to look at the data of your training.

Download your training

Download training Alan Smeets Training

With a premium TrainingPeaks account, it is possible to download your training sessions from TrainingPeaks to your cycling computer or indoor trainer if they support these options. An indoor trainer can adjust the resistance of the training blocks and your cycling computer displays the time and training zone.

Strength training and core stability

Core stability Alan Smeets Training

Having a stronger core will allow you to transfer more power through the legs, improves your posture, and helps to prevent injuries. Strength training can increase your power output and improves your pedalling efficiency.

Communication via e-mail and telephone

Comunication Alan Smeets Training

One of the most important aspects of a successful training is communication with your coach. When you choose for the competition package, you’ll receive feedback, support, and advice via e-mail, telephone, and TrainingPeaks once a month.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me
  • Cycling competition
  • Competition
  • £30 per month
    £100,- once every year for the anual plan
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  • Cycling pro
  • Pro
  • £40 per month
    £100,- once every year for the anual plan
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