Xander van Heeringen

Birthday: 27-04-1976
Place of residence: Heemstede (The Netherlands)
Experience: 10 years
Skills: Discipline and commitment
Goals: Improve my endurance and climbing skills
Website: https://gnao1.nl/

Foundation for my son Max, founded in 2017 to publicise the rare genetic mutation referred to as GNAO1.

"Success, in my opinion, is not something that happens to you. It starts with a goal, a good preparation and a plan. And a lot of dedication, practice, getting better.

I have been cycling for 11 years. For the last 6 years I have participated in a Gran fondo or cyclo in the mountains with a group of friends. That's my training goal. In the previous months I trained 3 or 4 times a week with a long ride on Sunday. I tried different training methods and noticed that I didn't improved. Training was often riding as hard as I could. However, in my opinion I was not good enough in the mountains, I wanted to climb the mountains more easily. Since two years I have been training with Alan in a structured way. I now have an annual plan, train 4 times a week on the bike, indoors or outdoors, very varied trainings, endurance training on a low heart rate and high pedalling frequency. That felt uncomfortable at first, but I really enjoyed it. Especially when the results become visible, it motivates you to go for it again in the next training session. Structured training requires dedication and determination. And makes to my opinion cycling more fun."

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