Tom Waldram

Birthday: 11-11-2002
Place of residence: Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (The Netherlands)
Experience: I started cycling when I was ten. In the first two years mainly regional races, the following years national (KNWU) races. As a U19 I focused on the national classics.
Skills: I have good endurance and resilience and can ride uphill.
Goals: In the next few years, I want to focus on classics as a U23 and achieve the highest level of what I can potentially achieve.

"I think coaching is good because you will never be able to make entirely objective judgements about what you are doing. Also, a trainer often has more knowledge and experience to make you a better rider, now, and in the long run. Even if you have a lot of experience yourself, a trainer can often stimulate you and get you out of your comfort zone by coming up with new ideas and training sessions."

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