Tom Vermeer

Birthday: 28-12-1985
Place of residence: Merksplas (Belgium)
Experience: Since 2001 a cometitive rider, since 2011 semi-pro at continental level
Skills: Short efforts of several kilometers (final jump), perseverance, climbing / allrounder
Goals: In 2016, making a strong comeback at continental level after one year at club level. The goal is to win one or more classics / stages.

"A coach can help me with a solid plan to achieve my goals. For me it's important to interact with my coach because I think it's very important that I know why I'm doing some training and what the underlying physiology is. In addition, I'm happy to have a coach who also listens to his athletes (especially in less good periods). I have confidence in Alan's approach and the way he uses science in cycling. Because of our experience as athletes and knowledge about training programs I foresee a great cooperation with pleasure as the base for success."

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