Tom Bosman

Birthday: 1978
Place of residence: Dendermonde (Belgium)
Experience: About 15 years ago I started cycling to rehabilitate from a snowboard accident and soon I became passionate about cycling. I started on the MTB to switch to race bike after a few years. After that I started to ride touring rides like the Tour de Flanders and Liège Bastone Liège. Recently, I switched to the Granfondo experience.
Skills: One-day-races - classics
Goals: Classics/ Granfondo's at a good level (to my ability)... and who knows with reasonable results?

"For me, coaching is important use the training time available as efficiently as possible in order to achieve the best possible result. This makes coaching for me, given my busy professional life, a great added value in my daily experience of cycling. Over the years I have trained many hours (in retrospect) the wrong way, so unfortunately without much progress (harder, longer, more ...).

I am therefore convinced that training under the right training plan and according to the right intensities brings much more results than the many "useless" hours on the bike. with all the associated frustrations as a result.

In my opinion, with the right training plan, a solid, well-considered and above all healthy basis can be laid in order to work towards the set objectives. For me personally, Alan’s coaching also brings a certain sense of "tranquillity" to my training, as I know that with the coaching and accompanying training plans, I will not training too hard or too little. So no further worries... just train!

The structured training plans as well as Alan's digital approach mean a great deal to me in this respect."

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