Paul Serné

Birthday: 03-01-1969
Place of residence: De Meern (The Netherlands)
Experience: From my 19th to my 28th, running was my sport. My best distance was the 5 km. On a regional level I won occasionally a race. Highlights are: 6th at the Dutch Championship Mountain Running, and 11th at the National Military Championship. Because of injuries, running disappeared to the background and the focus came on the skydiving competition. Best results: several times a podium at the Dutch National skydiving Championship and a 2nd place at the European Skydiving League (comparable to the European Championship). In 2005 I broke my back and had an incomplete spinal cord injury. I was also diagnosed with Kahler's disease. After a long period of rehabilitation and the treatment for Kahler's disease in 2014, I started cycling again. Since 2017, I cycle at CS030 in Utrecht. In 2018, I participated in the Dutch Paracycling Championships with a 2nd place as a result. I was also 2nd at the Dutch Paracycling time trial Championships in 2019.
Skills: Focussing on a goal and the willpower to achieve the goals. I can dig very deep during an effort.
Goals: To qualify for Invictus Games 2020 in 2019, if I qualify, this is the key target for 2020.

"A good training plan and good coaching is the only way to get the most out of yourself. As an athlete you quickly want to train too hard and too much. A trainer can encourage you or slow you down at the right moment."

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