Bob Duijs

Birthday: 17-09-1969
Place of residence: (The Netherlands)
Experience: 20 years of amateur football followed by 9 years of cycling (recreational). Member of TWC Echt.
Skills: Perseverance
Goals: Getting the most out of my body within the available time (full-time job). Finishing LBL2020 with a good feeling, Golden time at the 3Ballons and Marmotte in 2020.

"After years of 'just doing something' and always cycling at a maximum pace, I still haven't succeeded in finishing a cyclo in a golden time. Although I am convinced that it is possible, I can't do this without structured training. Via club members and internet I came into contact with Alan. From the beginning Alan appears to me a competent trainer with an extensive knowledge of everything that comes with 'good training'."

"After 3 months of structured training I already notice a difference. The trainings are varied and with a goal. It is possible to train with both heartrate and power. Although at the moment it's only basic training (winter season) I notice an increase in strength and fitness. The real difference will become apparent in March during my second exercise test. So far I have been very happy with the coaching (weekly) and always look forward to the next weekly training plan."

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