Barend den Ouden

Birthday: 25-08-1962
Place of residence: Moerkapelle (The Netherlands)
Experience: A fanatical cyclist for about 8 years. I used to run for 25 years in which I ran many marathons, half marathons, roparuns and many others fun races. Unfortunately, my left knee got too bad and I switched to cycling, mostly on the racer but don't shy away from the mtb either.
Skills: Perseverance and suffering
Goals: Becoming better, stronger and faster.

"I have been training with training plans for many years, even during my running period. I think it's ideal that the training sessions are tailor-made so that I don't have to think about what I'm going to do and what will make me better etc. It also gives me a lot of motivation to train. I have already had a number of trainers over the years but at the end of last year I came on the "track" of Alan. His work immediately appealed to me. A different approach but one with vision and an idea behind it. After 5 months of training with his training plans, it's amazing to see how many more kilometres I cycle in the low heart rate zones than in the beginning. Everything is very clear in Trainingpeaks where the training sessions can be analysed. Alan also makes an annual plan in which you can see how the training is built up towards a goal. So far I am very happy."

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