Train like a pro

You do not have to be a professional to train like a professional athlete. The objective of Alan Smeets Training is to offer professional coaching to a wide audience.
Lino Colombo
Lino Colombo Individual
"I predict Alan will have a great future as a coach/trainer and would definitely recommend him to young athletes."
Rosan Koper
Rosan Koper WV de Amstel
"Training plans help me to become more motivated to train and it is a tool to achieve my goals."
Tom Vermeer
Tom Vermeer Acrog-Tormans (Bel)
"I have faith in Alan's approach and the way he approaches cycling scientifically."
Heini Koornberg
Heini Koornberg Hanzerenners Zwolle (NL)
"For me, coaching is important to use the available training hours as optimally as possible."

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When you ride your bike in the mountains it will be more difficult when altitude increases. Because of the altitude, your power output will be lower for the same relative intensity.
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A good warm-up is essential to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a race, so you can optimize your performance.
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