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Race day nutrition

When talented, motivated athletes compete against each other in competition the difference between winning and losing is small. Attention to details often makes the difference. Your diet affects your performance and the nutrition you choose during training and competition determines how well you train and perform. Every athlete should know his personal nutrition goals and a strategy to achieve these goals.

Every athlete and every event is different, so I make an analysis of the requirements for your specific event. Based on that, I will advise you on how to optimize your diet. In this advise, I pay attention to the period before, during and after your race. In addition, maintaining your fluid balance is also important for optimum performance. Hydration before, during or after exercise is of great importance, especially in hot, humid conditions.

  • Analysis of your event (temperature, humidity, length, height, and the presence of foods and drinks during the event)
  • Nutritional advice on preparing for the event
  • Nutritional strategy to optimize performance during the event
  • Nutritional advice on optimal recovery after the event
  • Personal preferences are taken into account
  • Contact via e-mail, phone or Skype
  • A personalised report
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