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Dietary analysis

Your diet is extensively analyzed by the information you provide me. You will get a professional, individual advice which takes your lifestyle and fitness goals into account.

A good and healthy diet can affect your workouts, it supports you during intense workouts while also reducing the risk of illness or injury. Good food choices also ensure that the body adapts faster and better to the training without an increase in training load or intensity. Finally, a good diet is also important in preparing for competitions and the recovery afterwards.

A nutritional analysis is suitable for people who want to optimize their diet to pursue top performances during training or competitions. For the nutritional analysis you have to list all the foods and drinks that you take for a period of three days, you will receive instructions at the start of the analysis. It is possible to evaluate your progress at a later time.

  • Assessment of your daily caloric intake based on a three-day food diary
  • Analysis of the macro- and micronutrient content of your diet
  • Analysis of your personal nutritional needs to optimize performance
  • Advice on how to achieve your nutritional or weight goals
  • Personal preferences are taken into account
  • Contact via e-mail, phone or Skype
  • A personalised report


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