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Weight loss competition

Combining exercise and dietary changes helps you to improve your lifestyle to lose weight. Most people only focuss on losing weight, while the combination of a weight loss program and an exercise program are more effective. In this package the weight loss program is combined with the competition exercise program

A well considered, monthly, individual exercise program will be developed, based on an annual training plan. After analyzing the training data this plan can be modified, and your training intensities can be adjusted.

  • Two assessments of your daily caloric intake based on a three-day food diary
  • Analysis of the macro- and micronutrient content of your diet
  • Analysis of your personal nutritional needs to optimize performance
  • Comprehensive advice on how to achieve your nutritional or weight goals
  • Personal preferences are taken into account
  • Contact via e-mail, phone or Skype
  • A personalised report
  • Comprehensive meal plans
  • Monthly individualized training programs for different sports
  • Sport specific strength training
  • Core stability training
  • Annual plan that is tailored to your goals
  • Training plans based on heart rates
  • Monthly analysis of the training data
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