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Healthy nutrition is important for everyone, it keeps you fit and the vitamins and minerals protect you from disease. However, it is not easy to have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Whether you are a top athlete or you want to lose weight, we are all overwhelmed with information about the ultimate sports foods or the ultimate weight loss program. But do we need all this?

I make an overview of your current diet and through individual advice I help you to achieve your goals. Through targeted advice I can optimize your lifestyle and diet.

How do I proceed?

Depending on your goals I will analyze your current diet. For this, you have to make notes of what you eat and drink for three days. Before you start, you get clear instructions. I will analyze your dietary intake and advise you on how you can improve your diet. I will give you an overview of the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in your diet and compare your vitamin and mineral intake with reference values.

Besides that I give you examples of foods and products that can improve your diet, such as healthy snacks and drinks. For athletes I also give advice on whether or not to use any supplements.

Check your progress

It is not easy to drastically change your whole diet. Smaller goals are often easier to achieve and you will get a healthier lifestyle step by step. Depending on your goal, regular check ups of your diet and progression is possible and adjustments can be made where necessary.

Combination of nutritional advice and an exercise program

Not only for athletes is the combination of nutrition and exercise very important, but also for people who want a healthier weight. Muscles grow very slowly, and small changes will not be visible, but that little bit helps you to burn more energy throughout the day. Many people who want to lose weight, do a lot of cardio training. These people are often unsuccessful in achieving their goals because their exercise intensity is too high so they only burn the carbohydrates they eat before or after a workout. A healthier diet and proper training program can contribute to a healthier weight. I can help you optimize your workouts and nutrition in order to achieve the best results.

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