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René improves his time on Ötztal Radmarathon

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Sunday, August 31, 2014 René Michel improved his time in the Ötztal Radmarathon in Austria. After his second participation on this event he improved his time of 10 hours over the 238km course to 9 hours and 9 min.

The Ötztal Radmaraton is a very heavy event over 238km with four Alpine giants and 5500 altimeters must be overcome. The day starts with climbing the Kühtai, 18,5km a long climb with a maximum gradient of 18% and a total of 1200 vertical meters. Then the Brenner climb of 39Km long with a maximum incline of 12% and 777 vertical meters. The third climb of the day is the Jaufenpass 15.5km long with a maximum incline of 12% and 1130 vertical meters. As if that was not enough, the Timmelsjoch still has to be climbed. This climb is 28,7Km long with a maximum gradient of 14% and 1759 vertical meters.

René has focused for a full year on this tour and finished on 691st place. The fastest rider finished this tour in 7 hours and 7 minutes. For René this was a huge achievement as he improved his time from a year ago, with more than an hour.


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