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Lactate tests at swim club sg HGN

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Thuesday 10 February 2015. Today I conducted lactate tests at two swimmers of sg HGN from Landgraaf and Sittard (The Netherlands). The results of the tests were very good and it helps the trainer of the swim team to make his training program for the next period.

From the results of a lactate test you can get a lot of information about the performance of the swimmer. For example, it's possible to see how good the endurance base of the swimmer is and how well his anaerobic condition is developed. From these data I can advise the trainer what training sessions the swimmer should do to improve his performance. I'm also able to determine the target times that a swimmer should swim at different intensities. When a swimmer performs multiple tests per season it is also possible to see if he made some progression and what types of training he needs to improve more. 

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