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Janco became 65th in La 26ème Charly Gaul

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Monday 8 September 2015. La Charly Gaul is a Gran Fondo in Eternach Luxemburg over 155km with 13 climbs and 2206m elevation gain. Janco crossed the finish line as 5th Dutchman and 65th overall. He finished in a time of 4 hours and 37 minutes with an average speed of 34.7 km/h, and was therefore particularly satisfied.

During the first climb the pace was already very high. It was important to reach the top in a good group because the first climb was followed by a nearly flat road of 30km. On this climb of 4km Janco produced good power values. He already improved his threshold power from 259 watts in 2014 to 273 watts in April of 2015, now this is probably even a little higher. During la Charly Gaul he reached his second best peak power over 5 min with 331 watts.

After the first climb a group of 20 men broke away and Janco managed to stay in the second group until the third climb, then he chose to keep his own pace. Towards the end he rode in several groups and overtook two teammates. Eventually he finished first in his team and 65th overall.

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