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Etiënne Korff surprised famous athletes on Cauberg

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Etiënne Korff surprised famous athletes on Cauberg ©George Deswijzen jr.

Friday April 17, 2015. Prior to the Amstel Gold Race weekend, the first Amstel Radler Challenge was held on the Cauberg in Valkenburg (The Netherlands). In a head to head race famous Dutch speed skaters and cyclists tried to climb the Cauberg  as fast as possible.

Etiënne Korff surprised as an amateur cyclist among the prominent skaters and cyclists to qualify for the final. Speed skater Wouter Olde Heuvel won the race in a time of 44.02 seconds, followed by Stefan Groothuis 45.52 sec, and Douwe de Vries 47.77 sec.

Etiënne finished 7th in 50.58 sec before famous Dutch athletes and former athletes as Sjinki Knegt, Gerard van der Velde, Max van Heeswijk, Michael Boogerd, Erik Breukink, Loes Gunnewijk, Nicolien Sauer knit, Erik Dekker, Marianne Timmer, Henk Angenent, and Leontien van Moorsel.

1 Wouter Olde Heuvel 00.44.02
2 Stefan Groothuis 00.45.52
3 Douwe de Vries 00.47.77
4 Freek van de Wart 00.47.83
5 Mark Tuitert 00.49.01
6 Richard Jansen 00.49.58
7 Etiënne Korff 00.50.58
8 Nick Verhoeven 00.51.27
9 Sjinkie Knegt 00.53.08
10 Gerard van Velde 01.07.27
16 Max van Heeswijk 00:56.02
21 Michael Boogerd 00:59.33
26 Erik Breukink 01:00.72
40 Loes Gunnewijk 01:07.34
48 Nicolien Sauerbreij 01:10.36
49 Erik Dekker 01:10.64
55 Marianne Timmer 01:13.38
64 Henk Angenent 01:18.94
66 Leontien van Moorsel 01:19.84
72 Gertjan van Beek 01:25.19
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