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Etiënne Korff 2nd at district time trial championships

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Thursday, May 8, 2014. At the district time trial championships, Etiënne Korff finished second in the Masters 30 + category. At the very difficult hilly circuit in Ransdaal (The Netherlands), Etiënne also tried to improve his best time. Because of the stormy conditions he didn’t beat his best time.

In preparation for this time trial, we analyzed his power file of last year, and tried to optimize this to improve his time. A few days before the time trial, Etiënne rode the course at 90% of his abilities and almost approached his best time. Unfortunately the conditions were very bad during the race, so Etiënne could not improve his time. In the final climb Etiënne also got to deal with a flat tire . There was no oppertunity to change his Wheel.

"My tire punctured after the last turn so I couldn’t do the final climb all out, while I did have enough power. I had a good start, but the wind made it difficult to find the right cadence. Overall I'm very pleased."


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