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Dimitri improves his half-triathlon time by 44 minutes

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Sunday, 21 June 2015. The half-triathlon of Stein (The Netherlands) went very well for Dimitri Hekker. He improved his best time from 2013 with 44 minutes. Dimitri finished the 1900m swim, 90km cycling and 21,1km running in 5 hours 11 minutes and 51 seconds and was 89th out of the 169 competitors who reached the finish line.

Almost a year ago Dimitri started training with training plans. Unfortunately he started this triathlon 4 min slower than in 2013 because of a bad position in the swimming group 33 minutes and 35 seconds. The 90km of cycling went very good and he improved his best time from 2013 with 28 minutes to 2 hours 43 minutes and 51 seconds. Finally, Dimitri improved his running performance by 17 minutes to 1 hour 48 minutes and 59 seconds.

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