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Triathlon competition

The competition package is suitable for triathletes who want to get more out of their training. A well considered, individual exercise program will be developed which is based on an annual training plan. After analyzing the training data this plan can be modified, and the training intensities of the triathlete can be adjusted. The advantage of periodization is that athletes can work towards a specific goal and can get the most out their training program. Finally, the competition package contains a core stability program or sport specific strength training.

  • Monthly individualized training programs for all triathlon disciplines
  • Annual plan that is tailored to your goals
  • Training program that is based on heart rates or power
  • Monthly analysis of training data (heart rate, power)
  • Monthly training program for core stability or sport specific strength training
  • Contact by e-mail, phone or Skype
  • Ideal for athletes who want to get more out of their training