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You do not have to be a professional to train as a professional athlete. The objective of Alan Smeets Training is to offer professional coaching to a wide audience. For each individual a training plan will be made that considers his or her goals and the available time he or she has to train.

I make individual training programs that help you to achieve your goals. Through a well planned training program you will not waste unnecessary time and energy, and you will benefit more from your training program.

How do I work?

Depending on your goals and the training package you choose, I will make an annual training plan. I will count back from your main event and plan the required training to obtain your goals (macro cycle). The annual plan is the basis of every training program. From the annual plan, I will make a weekly training plan (micro cycle), in which I plan workouts on a weekly basis, and keep in mind your main goals and available time for training.

It is important to start a training program with a good endurance base. Therefore, the aim of the first phase of the training program will be to build up a solid base. After that, specific training towards your goal will follow.

I monitor your workouts

Your program will be reviewed using the power or heart rate files you provide, and will be adjusted accordingly. It is recommended to have a heart rate monitor that saves at least every 5 seconds your heart rate. If you are a cyclist and have a power meter, you will get your training zones as power zones.

To monitor your progress, it is recommended to perform an exercise test several times a year. Currently, I’m not able to do this at Alan Smeets Training. It is possible to do this at your own sport and exercise testing centre of choice. I will review and process the obtained data in my training program. Exercise tests are recommended but not required.

Core stability and strength training

To achieve your goals, I can also make a core stability- or a sport specific strength training program. Core stability exercises increase the control and balance of your spine, pelvis, hip, knees and ankles, making you less prone to injuries. Strength training makes you stronger.