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John van den Heuvel

Birth date: 12-06-1958
Place of residence: (The Netherlands)
Experience: I've played soccer and have been running all my life. From my twentieth, I went every year for one or two week to the mountains. Usually I cycled in the Alps or the Dolomites.
Skills: Climbing, and training discipline
Goals:  Increase my endurance base and finish the Marmotte below 9 hours

"I'm used to cycle in the mountains on my football and running fitness with too little training on my bike. In recent years, it became more difficult. Because I want to participate in the Marmotte or the Dolomites Marathon next year, I decided to work with a trainer. So far I like it a lot, the comments I get on my training work for me very motivating. The overall structure of training appeal to me. I was used to train too intensive. Now I train a lot slower which makes it easier to cope with the training sessions."

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